Why Perfectionism SUCK.

Since this is my first blog, I’ll warn you now, this isn’t going to be perfect, but hey, a start is a start and that’s what I believe in. Something is better than nothing. Speaking of which, on this article I’ll talk about why perfectionism is holding you back. On everything.

“Anything done, is better than none.”

– Nana, 2020

Wow I just made a nice little quote there, feel free to use it, I’m not gonna copyright it. YET. Anyways, let me tell you a little something about our ol’ friend ‘perfectionism’. Oh how we used to have a hell of a friendship, but that friendship was TOXIC. It will kill your productivity. It will ruin what you do. It will waste your time. It is BAD.

Have you ever made, done, or created something maybe a like a painting, a project, an invention, a product, or even a song? And have you ever experienced this where you just keep adding on and improving and improving it, not launching it or still seeing it as not good enough, even though it’s been way past the point of done?

I’ve had that too many times! Especially when I’m drawing, or creating something like a sculpture, or anything really (currently working on a bat cowl out of paper), and even though what I’ve done was more than done, I kept seeing it as not good enough, not ‘perfect’ enough. It was a hindrance to my creations. I’ve gone to the points of making it worse than what it was, while trying to make it better.

You probably have too, right?

Well even if you haven’t before, let me tell you: IT SUCKS! It really sucks. Perfectionism may seem like a good thing at first, because we can use the excuse ‘there is always room for improvement’ over and over again. When we do this, we are tricking ourselves into never really launching or finishing what we’re working on. Too much improvement at first, is bad (imo). Because if you’re keep waiting for your creation to be ‘perfect’, it’ll never be reality. Perfection is impossible. (except for my gf)

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

-Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn

This quote above describes perfectionism ‘perfectly’. See what I did there? Tell me, have you ever seen or used a product or an item that was perfect at the start? No bugs. No flaws. No mistakes. Ever seen anything like that? You maybe have. That’s because those what appear to be a very awesome product or thing, was actually sh*tty at first. However, over time, they get feedback from their users, improving their flaws, fixing their bugs, and making the product better.

I mean, think about it, the apps on your phone are constantly updating am I right? Whether it’s PUBG, Facebook, Instagram. They’re updating because they’re constantly improving. And let me tell you this: all of them were crap at first. All of them. Facebook was only for uni-students at first. Instagram was just a photo app. PUBG was.. yea it was already perfect. Even my YouTube channel was pretty bad at first, bad audio, echoing sounds, and too much editing. And if they had never launched in the first place, even if they were close to perfection, they would’ve never gotten the taste of success they have today.

In my eyes, and in the eyes of all the productive, successful people: Anything done, is always better than none. Remember that.

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