F*ck Your Excuses.

Baxter Humby – USADOJO

Look at the picture above. Know who this is? You might have. Or not.

Can you notice something different about him?

Humby had his right forearm amputated at birth due to some umbilical cord issues, and throughout his whole life, he has been living with only 1 full arm.

But I’m not here to talk about his disability.

I wouldn’t even call it a disability.

I’m here to talk about, well, his strength. I don’t mean physical strength. I mean the strength of his mind and heart.

He is a Muay Thai champion, AKA ‘The One Arm Bandit’, with over 70 wins in his kickboxing career. 70 f*cking wins. WOW! And only with 1 arm?

Now, Baxter could have used hundreds, and hundreds of excuses (like most people do), starting with the most obvious disability, as to why he can’t play sports, or work out, or do normal things, or even be a world champion.

He could have.

But he didn’t.

He has one arm missing, and still doesn’t see it as an excuse as to why he can’t be GREAT. That’s what I call true strength, and courage.

Nowadays, people are full of lame, shitty excuses even though they have their entire f*cking body, and brain with them.

” I don’t wanna workout cuz I don’t feel like it”

“I want to be successful, but I can’t”

“I want to be fit, but it’s too hard”

They say hundreds, and thousands of excuses as to why they can’t live how they want to live, and while this one armed man is literally destroying his competition, people are out here giving stupid, useless excuses.

I used to be full of excuses too, a long time ago. I had excuses for everything.

Excuses for why I was late, because ‘the traffic was bad’ even though it was my fault.

Excuses for why I couldn’t do my homework, because ‘I forgot’.

That was when I used to be a p*ssy a** b*tch.

Now, I can barely remember what an excuse is.

You see an excuse is just a stupid, made up lie we tell ourselves partly because we weren’t responsible enough, or we weren’t disciplined enough to do what we were supposed to do.

While this badass man, Baxter, is doing way better than most full body athletes, what excuse do we have to not even do our work, or be responsible for something.

What excuses do we have?


People say excuses because of how we see a situation.

They say they couldn’t workout because the gym was closed

They say we couldn’t do our work today because they didn’t ‘feel like it’

They say they didn’t have time to do something important, because they were ‘too busy’

Look at these situations. I can promise you that I can find a way around any single problem and excuse you tell me. Gym is closed? Workout at home. Traffic is bad? Leave early. Don’t have time to do some things? Cut out Instagram, and Facebook.

The only way we can stop using excuses is to see our obstacles from a different angle.

Like I said above, there is a solution, and a way around every single f*cking excuse in the entire universe. I mean, I could have not written this article today saying “I was too busy”, but nah, I’m doing it because it’s what a disciplined, strong person would do.

I could have made up hundreds of excuses as to why I don’t wanna write this. But I did not. Because when you start seeing past your excuses and obstacles, when you start understanding that excuses are just filthy lies we tell ourselves, that excuses will only kill us slowly, only then, can we remove it from our lives.

Excuses are all lies. They’re slowly killing people. They’re slowly killing dreams.

I wouldn’t say Ted Bundy was one of the deadliest killers. I’d say excuses are. It kills millions of goals and dreams daily.

So, let’s not fall victim to the excuse trap. Let’s not get our dreams murdered by excuses. Let’s start telling ourselves, “Hey, when they can do it, why can’t I?” Instead of “They can do it, but I can’t”

Change your attitude, and see excuses as deadly, then you will truly be strong and disciplined.

No excuses. For life.


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