The 7 Rules For Life. (2)


When we are born, we begin life alone.

When we die, we die alone.

Of course there are people in our lifetimes that make sure we aren’t always alone, but inevitably there are always moments when we need to learn to be all by ourselves.

Friends, family and loved ones won’t always be around 24/7, and although it’s a harsh and cold thought, it’s the truth.

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When you depend too much on others, you are basically powerless, and freedomless. Because when you rely on others to, for example, give you bread and water, give you a place to live, keep you happy, you’re basically owned by the other person. (Okay, it sounded way weirder than it should have) And since you rely on that person, without them, you’ll be dead, or unhappy, or lonely.

HOWEVER, when we only depend on ourselves, to make ourselves happy, to keep ourselves alive, to have ourselves a fun time, we have the power and freedom to ourselves, because we don’t have to rely on others to do them for us.

By being independent, I definitely don’t mean become a loner, or a hermit sitting in a cave, I mean that you need to learn to be okay with being alone.

Of course you can still hang out with your friends, and loved ones, but since you’re independent, you don’t require or need them to have a good life, you only need yourself.

So it’s time we stop depending too much on others, and it’s best we stay as independent on as many things as possible, like: money, food, happiness, fun, etc. That way, we’ll truly have the best life ever, as a strong and independent person.


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