The 7 Rules For Life. (3)


My man Superman

Confidence, is one of the most important things when it comes to your success, well being, relationships, and your career.

It is what makes the world go round and round.

If we didn’t have confidence, we wouldn’t even have the internet today, or the device you’re reading this on. Confidence is what gave us hope that everything will be fine in the future, which is literally the foundation for our modern economy.

First of all, what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Confidence’?




Well for some those are correct, but confidence doesn’t come from these, because anyone can be a confident person, even if they’re not the most attractive, strongest, or the most alpha. The true definition of confidence is this:

Confidence is the ability to know and believe that everything will be okay, and fine, no matter what happens.

I actually made a YT video about this if you want to go and check it out. ( Anyways, as I said, confidence comes from knowing and believing that everything will be cool, and fine no matter what happens.

It all starts with the mindset, and the belief. You see, confident people deal with situations very differently than normal, unconfident people. While other people would freak out over some stuff that happened to them, the confident people know that they’re gonna be fine, whatever it is, so they deal with it ‘confidently’ (see what i did there?)

You got robbed? It’s okay, you’ll earn your money back.

You broke up? It’s okay, you’ve learned a lesson.

Got rejected? It’s okay, you gave it your best shot.

To other people the above scenarios would be devastating, but confident people, they do have their emotions, but they healthily and confidently deal with it, and move on as soon as they can, instead of lingering and reminiscing about what just happened to them, like most people do.

So the easiest way to be confident is to always remind yourself that you will be fine no matter what happens. Confident people don’t let anything get to them, because they know that it’s not worth it. Instead they focus on what they can do best, and how they can do it, instead of worrying about other things like people’s opinions.

If people are criticizing you, don’t worry.

If people are judging you, doesn’t matter.

If you failed at something, don’t stress.

You know why? Because you know that even though these things happened, they can’t affect you. Because you’ll always be fine in the end, and always come on top, no matter what it is. You know that whatever just happened will pass, and that brighter days will come, and that you can move on.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you can become confident in yourself. Not your looks, not your social status, not your money. Your ability to believe that you’ll be okay no matter what. That is the key to your life.


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