The 7 Rules For Life. (5)


Kaizen. Ever heard of it?

Do you know what it means? It’s a very popular Japanese word in the business world.

It means ‘continuous improvement’.

Do you know why the Japanese are so damn effective, efficient, so technologically advanced, and have a longer average life-span? It’s because of this single word.

And one very famous car company uses this method in all of it’s production which brought in many successes: Toyota

These people use Kaizen in everything that is possible to use it in, and since it means ‘continuous improvement’ they can literally use it in everything.

Especially producing those Japanese priuses.

When the workforce detects a problem in any of the production, the whole line has to stop in order to prevent faults in the final product. When the tools are in a different section of the factory, and is wasting time, they put the tools right next to them. When something wrong happens, the entire team is encourage to work together and quickly solve the problem.

This results in a very efficient, effective and cheap process which saves A LOOOT of time.

However, the reason I’m writing this is not to tell you to work at Toyota, I’m writing it to show you that you can use this very word in every section of your life too.

And a lot of successful people already do.

Whether it’s in health, relationships, fitness, strength, productivity, successful people always look for ways to improve every area of their lives, even if it’s the smallest of things. Why?

Because small changes lead to big results.

For example, let’s imagine you are a CEO of a huge, busy company. As the CEO, you constantly need to talk to your managers, and secretaries about the business. However, your office is on the top floor, away from all the other employees, and it takes your employees at least 5 minutes just to get to your office. Then when they come, they ask you about big problems, and you say the solution.

Now, let’s do some maths here. Assuming that your secretary or executives come into your office 3 times a day, 3×5 is 15 minutes of time spent on trying to get to your office.

15 minutes may not seem that much. But I’m not finished yet.

15 min/60 x 365 = 91.25 hours a year! 91 hours a year wasted on just trying to get to your office!!!

But don’t worry, we know Kaizen. So what we can do is to put your office way nearer to your executives and secretaries so that it only takes a minute to get there. Which is 73 hours saved on trying to get to your office.

You now see how a small tiny change can lead to big results? It also doesn’t have to be in business. It applies to your personal life just as much.

Let’s say you play basketball, and you set a goal to improve at least 20% every training. Now hitting 20% improvement on every session is just a looot to think about isn’t it?

But what about improving 1% each session? Or does that seem too small?

it may seem small, but it’s not.

Suppose you train once every 2 days. 365/2 x 1=182.5%. You are improving 182.5% a year!!! That is now way more than you thought isn’t it?

You can do these with your studies, your workouts, your training, your relationships, your personal development. All of them. All you need to is to be willing to improve every time, even if it’s by the smallest bit, because there’s always room for improvement.

And when you start Kaizen-ing your life, well, you might as well be as effective and efficient as Toyota itself.

Always strive to be better than you were before. Always.


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