The SECRET To Growth.

Just some plants growing.

When you think of growth, do you think of big, massive, bold steps and actions? Or do you think of small, steady, continuous improvement over time?

Well, if it’s the latter, then you’ve pretty much figured it out already, the secret to growth whether in personal life, career, relationships, athleticism.

But hey, we’re not done yet, because I’m gonna explain why the latter is always the best when it comes to most growth.

Have you ever heard of ‘Compound Interest’? You probably have. And do you know why it’s the investors’ best friend? You’ll see why.

Take a look at this graph.

What do you see?

The effect of compounding. Do you see how the blue line is just going in one direction of its trajectory? How about the red line? Do you see it going just as steady as the blue line, but exploding near the end up to the sky?

Well that doesn’t just work with money investment and growth, it’s the same with all growth in our lives.

The same with sports, relationships, money, skills, abilities, talents. All of them are founded atop this principle of compounding effects.

You wanna become super muscular? Start doing just 5 pushups everyday.

You wanna become the best guitarist? Start playing the guitar just 5 minutes everyday.

You wanna learn a new language? Start speaking 1 sentence a day.

My point is, growth doesn’t come from large, big bold actions that is very hard to do, it actually comes from the small, simple steps that everyone can do, which compounds on itself.

All it takes for you to become who you want to be, is taking the right, small, consistent steps, over a long period of time.

The small, right, consistent actions, over a period of time.


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