Say This Word To Be Successful.

You have some kind of dream or goal to be successful. And you work on it most of the time. And one day, when you’re about to put your head down and start to work on your dreams, a friend calls you. He says “Hey, you wanna hit the club? Come on man, it’ll be […]

Enjoy Now and Suffer Later, or Suffer Now, and Enjoy MORE Later

We all know that success requires a lot of traits, and skills. Willpower, discipline, determination, perseverance, self belief, confidence, and all that. But the one you’ve probably heard the least, yet one of the most important trait is: DELAYED GRATIFICATION. What is delayed gratification? Well essentially delayed gratification is when you delay a thing you […]

How To Lose Weight FAST.

We’ve all been there. Ate too much Gorged on desserts Or didn’t exercise for a long time Whichever reason, we’ve all been there. That point where you look at yourself in the mirror and say “How the hell did this happen?” And if you’re at that point right now, boy I got some advice for […]

For Those Who Want To Change The World

You’re here You’re on this website You’re reading this because you want to be better than yourself You’re reading this because you want to do something good You’re reading this because you want to change the world And so do I. You want to change how people live, you want to save people’s lives, you […]