Say This Word To Be Successful.

You have some kind of dream or goal to be successful.

And you work on it most of the time.

And one day, when you’re about to put your head down and start to work on your dreams, a friend calls you.

He says “Hey, you wanna hit the club? Come on man, it’ll be great! There’ll be lots of drinks and chicas there!” to which you reply with “I dont know man, Im kinda busy”, and a few minutes of back and forths, he finally convinces you to stop what you’re doing and hit the club with him.

You think, “I mean it’s just one time” and you go to the club. Then another day, the same thing happens. And another one. And another one. People constantly hitting you up asking you to spend time with them, do something for them, do that for them. It goes on like that for a long time.

And one day, that ambitious goal and dream you had, was impossible now. You were too late. You had no enough time to do it anymore. The chance was lost…

So what can you draw from this imagination? Hitting the club is bad? Yea sure. Doing things for others all the time is bad? Yea that too. But those aren’t the important ones. The important lesson from that story is that you didn’t know how to say the two letters that will put you ahead in life.


Yep, the only word you’ll ever need in life to succeed and get ahead in life is this. NO. simple as that.

Now you might be thinking, “How is saying no a good thing? Shouldn’t we say yes to things to have more opportunities?” Well yea, for good opportunities and chances that’s true, but for most things in life, especially these days, saying no will get you far ahead in life, than saying yes.

Now, by saying no to things, I mean to say no to things that will distract you, take from your time, steal your precious time, attention and resources. Like the example that I showed you earlier, hitting the club, doing things for other people all the time, spending time with people all the time. All of them were things that distracted you from your goals and dreams. And those were the things that you needed to say “No” to to get your head down and do the work so that one day you can say “yes” to anything you want.

This quote from Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett says it all.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

– Warren Buffett

From now on, say no to things that will steal from your precious time, attention and resources. By those things i mean useless stuff, like leisure, luxuries, and other useless activities.

When you have learned to say to the bad things, and say yes to the good, then you’re truly on your way to success my friend.

All it takes is a simple word. No.


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