Who am I?

Narangarav Zorigt, Circa 2020

My name is Narangarav Zorigt.

A young man from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I have been on the journey of self-improvement for more than a year now. I am also aspiring to change the world and make a huge impact, by leading, teaching, and helping others, which is why this blog was born. My full name is Narangarav Zorigt, but you can call me Nana, and no it doesn’t mean grandma.

In ‘The Nana Blog’ I will be writing about life changing topics and subjects related to anything about self-improvement. I also have content on YouTube so that I can share what I’ve learned to people who are interested in improving their lives, and I also share valuable stories on my IG. Anyway that I can bring value to the world and change it, I do it.

Leading, martial arts, sports, gaming, reading, drawing, travelling, superheroes, working out – these are the interests and hobbies that make up who I am. Oh, and also living life to the fullest. That too.

Hope you enjoy my blog 😉