For Those Who Want To Change The World

You’re here You’re on this website You’re reading this because you want to be better than yourself You’re reading this because you want to do something good You’re reading this because you want to change the world And so do I. You want to change how people live, you want to save people’s lives, you […]

The 7 Rules For Life. (2)

2. LEARN TO BE ALONE When we are born, we begin life alone. When we die, we die alone. Of course there are people in our lifetimes that make sure we aren’t always alone, but inevitably there are always moments when we need to learn to be all by ourselves. Friends, family and loved ones […]

The 7 Rules For Life. (1)

In life, you obviously need to follow some kind of rules to either survive, succeed, date, etc. BUT, the quality of your life will depend on what kind of rules and principles you choose to follow and uphold. That’s why in this article I’ve written down the rules, which I think, are the most important […]