Men, if you want your crush to like you, READ THIS.

Before we get started, if you are the female gender: THIS BLOG MAY BE UNCOMFORTABLE FOR YOU. Read this in your own discretion. Men, you are safe to read on.

Literally everyone in the world has had a crush on someone in their lives. At least 5 times. But, only a few actually succeed in getting their crushes to be their partners. The rest, however, end up chasing their crushes for months and even years on end, but to no avail.

So, if you are one of those guys and you want to:

  • Get your crush to like you back
  • Be with your crush
  • Go out with your crush

Then this article will help you do just that!

Let me start off by saying: Women are not that complicated. In fact, they’re pretty simple to understand and I think us, guys, maybe even way more complicated than women. Now I’ve been with quite the number my self, so I’m speaking from experience, and from a lot of research as well.

So firstly, if you want to get with your crush:

You need to understand the psychology of women.

Let me simplify the psychology of your crushes down to its simplest form.

The more you are focused on them, the less they’ll be on you. The more you’re focused on your own life, the more they’ll be on you.

Got that?

Now you’ve probably wondered before: How do ‘bad boys’ get all the girls, while the nice guys don’t?

Well, it’s simple really. Bad boys get all the girls because as you’ve probably noticed before, they don’t give a fuck about them or what they think. Nice guys don’t get the girls because they give them too much and care too much about what they think. Read that again.

You see, most women are like cats, the more you chase them, the more they’ll run away but when you are not focused on them, they eventually come to you, trying to get your attention. However, not all of them are like that. But most are.

However, that doesn’t mean that when you stop giving them any attention, they’ll run after you.

If you play video games all day, eating shit food, and start looking like a wizard, girls won’t even bat an eye to you. However, if you take care of yourself, working out, improving yourself, doing good things with your life, being your best self, then shiid all them girls will start paying way more attention to you.

You need to be attractive, you need to stand out more, you need to be more different than the rest, you need to fucking take control of your own life, and you need to go somewhere in your life.

Girls won’t date losers. Girls only date people who’s winning in life.

So let me sum this up to you.

Take control of your life, stop paying too much attention to your crush, stop focusing on your crush too much. Instead, focus on yourself. Focus on growing your life. Focus on improving your life. I don’t mean be a egomaniac. I mean start paying attention to your own life.

Are you fat? Start working out.

Are you bad at something? Start practicing.

Is your attitude bad? Start fixing it.

Only when you start paying your life, and the people you love more (not crush) attention, and start focusing on going somewhere in life, eventually your crush will notice you, and so will dozens of other girls. They will see that you have changed. They will see you as a winner. Not a loser chasing them around. But a winner who’s more focused on going somewhere in life, than being with a girl. That’s when the tables turn, and they start going after you.

It will take a lot of time. A lot of sacrifices. A disappearing act for some. But when you return, as a changed and better man, then your crushes will be more willing than going out with you.

All it takes is looking at your life, and start making it better. The rest will follow.

Have an awesome day leader.


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